Croatia has joined the Eurozone. Planning a trip to Croatia? You’ll need to bring Euros with you

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Croatian Kuna (HRK) has been replaced by the Euro

Croatia has adopted the euro. You can order euros online with our Click & Collect or Home Delivery service, or buy it in-store.

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Croatia has adopted the euro. You can order euros online with our Click & Collect or Home Delivery service, or buy it in-store.

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Buy Euros for your trip to Croatia

Croatia has joined the eurozone. You can buy euros online with our click & collect or home delivery service. Alternatively you can order euros in-store.

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Croatia currency information

The official Croatian currency was the Kuna (kn). It was legal tender in Croatia until the end of 2022. On January 2023, Croatia joined the eurozone and the euro is now the official currency.

Croatian’s new currency:

Currency Name:Euro
Currency Code:EUR
Currency Symbol:
Banknotes:€5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, €500
Euro coins:€1, €2
Cent coins:1¢, 2¢, 5¢, 10¢, 20¢, 50¢

Croatia and the switch to the euro

There was a transition period (5th September to 31st December 2022) were there was dual pricing in both the euro and kuna.

Fixed conversion rate (EUR to HRK) for the transition period is:
1 euro = 7.53450 kuna

There was dual circulation period (1st to 14th January 2023). During this period, you’ll be able to pay using the euro or the kuna for cash transactions only. All other transactions were in euros.

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Typical prices in Croatia

3 course meal for two (mid-range restaurant)39.82 €
Pint of domestic beer2.39 €
McDonalds combo meal5.99 €
Cappuccino1.64 €

Average prices, Data source: Numbeo Cost of Living in Croatia, Date: February 2023

Travel Money FAQs

Travel Money FAQs

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