Holidays After Brexit

Holidays After Brexit

Will my 2019 holiday be affected by Brexit?

Brexit “no deal” questions are on everyone’s mind. You might be asking if your 2019 holiday will be affected by a “no deal” Brexit. -The answer is quite possibly, yes.

To help you navigate such uncertain times, we’ve put together a guide on holidays after Brexit which includes European travel after Brexit FAQs:

How will Brexit affect holidays?

Are you travelling to EU after Brexit? If you already have a trip booked to Europe after the Brexit deadline or will be on holiday over the Brexit deadline of 31 October, there are some important things to be aware of in your holiday preparations. To help you with this here’s our concise Brexit holiday checklist.

Holidays after Brexit Checklist:

  • Check your passports
  • Get appropriate travel insurance
  • Driving in Europe? Check you have correct international driving documents
  • Ensure your pet check-ups and health approvals are up to date

Should I buy euros before Brexit?

Looking at previous trends in Sterling, there is a possibility that the pound could weaken after Brexit meaning spending while away could get more expensive. Lots of customers ask us should “I get my Euros before Brexit?” No one can give a definite answer to this however, check out our blog with helpful tips on buying euros.

Buy Euros

Should I renew my passport before Brexit, and do I need a new passport after Brexit?

You only need to renew your passport if you have less than 6 months left and its more than 10 years old on the day of your trip. It usually takes up to 3 weeks to renew your passport and if you don’t it’s likely you won’t be able to travel to most countries within Europe. Otherwise, you don’t have to worry about getting a new passport before or after Brexit.

You can use a passport checker if you want to double-check your passport is valid before travel.

Will my travel insurance still be valid after Brexit?

There’s a lot of uncertainty with Travel insurance after Brexit. So it is important to check with your holiday insurance provider before travel. If you use your EHIC (European Health Insurance) card – this may no longer be valid. Make sure you check that your insurance covers you for any pre-existing conditions as well as accidents that can happen on holiday.

Will driving in Europe after Brexit be affected?

It is likely that you will now need an international driving permit (checker), a green card from your vehicle insurance company and GB sticker.

What happens to pet passports after Brexit?

You will no longer be able to use the existing pet passport after Brexit. You will need to get your pet microchipped and vaccinated. You will need to have blood tests taken a month after vaccinations and your vet must send the blood to an EU-approved blood testing lab. After you have received a successful blood sample, you can travel three months after as long as you have a heath certificate from the vet.

What to remember as the Brexit deadline approaches: check your passports, get appropriate travel insurance, driving documents and pet health approvals.

For further information on Brexit preparations, we encourage you to visit the government’s website.

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