Where is hot in July?

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To help you answer the question of where is hot in July, we’ve created our list of hot places in July starting with the hottest destination Dubai.

If you are wondering where to go in July and need some inspiration this is for you. Our list covers a variety of sun holiday destinations, from far-flung destinations to cheap sun holidays nearer to home.

Hot places in July


LocationAvg. TempSunshine (Hrs)Currency
Dubai35 °C11UAE Dirham
Cancun28 °C11Mexican Peso
Singapore27 °C8Singapore Dollar
Bali27 °C6Indonesian Rupiah
Dubrovnik25 °C13Euro
New York25 °C11US Dollar
Istanbul24 °C12Turkish Lira
Sofia21 °C10Bulgarian Lev
Mauritius21 °C8Mauritian rupee
Copenhagen17 °C8Danish Krone


1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

weather in Dubai in July

Average Temperature: 35°C

Sunshine: 11 hours

Its location on the Persian Gulf Coast means that the weather in Dubai is good all the time. Typical, Dubai weather in July is hot with plenty of sunshine in July. The average temperature in Dubai is 35 degree with average highs of 40 degrees, making it one of the hottest months to visit.  Looking for a sun holiday with luxury shopping, Dubai is a great choice.

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2. Cancun, Mexico

weather in Cancun in July

Average Temperature: 28°C

Sunshine: 11 hours

Generally, Cancun weather in July is hot and sunny, but it’s a great place to visit at any time due to its tropical climate. Situated on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, Cancun is a popular tourist destination with its great weather and luxury resorts. Temperatures in Cancun at this time of year vary from 25 to 33 degrees with an average sea temperature of 29 degrees, it perfect beach weather.

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3. Singapore

weather in Singapore in July

Average Temperature: 27°C

Sunshine: 8 hours

The weather in Singapore doesn’t vary too much throughout the year due to its location close to the equator. Making an ideal place to visit if you’re seeking some sunshine any time of the year. Singapore weather in July is lovely and hot with an average temperature of 27 degrees and 8 hours of sunshine a day. The temperatures in Singapore at this time of year range from lows of 24 and highs of 31 degrees.

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4. Bali, Indonesia

Average Temperature: 27°C Sunshine: 6 hours

This Indonesia Island enjoys tropical weather all year round due to its location close to the equator. Typical Bali weather in July is lovely and hot. The temperature in Bali reaches average highs of 31 degrees and the sea temperature is 27 degrees which is ideal for swimming. It is no wonder that it is so popular with honeymooners.

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5. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Average Temperature: 25°C Sunshine: 13 hours

Croatia has a Mediterranean climate with cool winters and hot summers. Dubrovnik is a coastal city in southern Croatia and a popular tourist destination. Dubrovnik weather in July is nice and hot with average temperatures of 25 degrees and 13 hours of sunshine on average a day. The temperatures in Dubrovnik has average highs of 29 degrees, plus it is the driest month of the year with 26mm of rainfall anticipated

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6. New York, USA

Average Temperature: 25°C Sunshine: 11 hours

The climate of New York is continental which means cold winters and hot summers.  Generally, New York weather in July is lovely and hot with average temperatures of 25 degrees. The temperatures in New York can vary between average lows of 20 and highs of 29 degrees at this time of year. Making the Big Apple a great summer holiday destination

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7. Istanbul, Turkey

Average Temperature: 24°C Sunshine: 12 hours

Istanbul is a major city in Turkey that straddles Europe and Asia. Known as the meeting point of West and East, this city is a cultural gem. Wondering what Istanbul weather in July is like? Istanbul in July is beautifully warm with average temperatures of 24 degrees. Temperatures in Istanbul range between average lows of 19 to highs of 29 degrees.

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8. Sofia, Bulgaria

Average Temperature: 21°C Sunshine: 10 hours

Sofia is the capital and largest city in Bulgaria. The weather in Bulgaria is continental, with cold winters and warm summers. Sofia weather in July is sunny and warm. It is the hottest month to visit with average temperatures of 21 degrees. The Temperatures in Sofia can reach average highs of 28 degrees at this time of year.

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9. Mauritius

Average Temperature: 21°C Sunshine: 8 hours

Located off the coast of Africa, the weather in Mauritius is hot and sunny all year around. The island does have a distinct dry and wet season. Mauritius weather in July is nice and hot average temperatures of 21 degrees. Plus it’s the dry season in July with only 76mm of rainfall on average. The temperatures in Mauritius can range from average lows of 18 and highs of 23 degrees.

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10. Copenhagen, Denmark

Average Temperature: 17°C Sunshine: 8 hours

The weather in Denmark is cold in the winter and warm in the summer due to its temperate climate. Typically, Copenhagen weather in July is warm and sunny with average temperatures of 17 degrees. July is the warmest time of year to visit this Scandinavian city with temperatures in Copenhagen ranging from 13 to 21 degrees. Making it an ideal time of year to visit Denmark’s capital city.

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*Historical monthly average weather data from Holiday-Weather.com

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